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We offer consumers quality, affordable insurance to protect their belongings during any phase of relocation. We insure thousands of moves every year, and 99.9% of our customers are completely satisfied with our services. As with every insurance organization, we pay claims based on the policy terms. If we pay every claim without regard to the insurance contract, fraud would be rampant and insurance rates would skyrocket. Occasionally, a claim is not paid because it does not fall within the coverage scope or because claims documentation is not timely or sufficient. In these cases, complaints result. As you read these complaints, please keep in mind that they represent less than .1% of the customers we serve.


Established in 2003.

We are the first and ONLY true online Relocation Insurance Agency, working with top rated worldwide insurance carriers.

Experience the Magic of Our Moving Insurance Hub

There’s nothing magical about moving … that is until you arrive and finally see your vision coming to life.

Trust only the experts at Relocation Insurance Group to help secure your vision with smart relocation insurance products. While there are many reasons consumers and moving professionals partner with us, below are the five most important:

    Innovation. We were the first company to offer moving and storage insurance online, and we’ve continued to lead the industry ever since.
    Stability. We’ve been protecting belongings in transit and storage since 2003.
    Reach. We are affiliated with more than 3,500 moving, storage and self-storage companies throughout the nation.
    One stop convenience. Everything you need to insure your relocation is available here, so you never have to waste time shopping around.
    People. Our team has more than 150 years of combined experience in the relocation industry. Our people know what they’re doing and they’re committed to taking care of you.