American Integrity Insurance Group

Creating property insurance solutions for Floridians. By Floridians. That’s our sole mission at American Integrity Insurance, and we strive to do it better than all others.
How We Were Formed

Our President & CEO, Robert “Bob” Ritchie, created American Integrity Insurance in 2006 in response to the overwhelming shortage of sound home insurance choices in Florida. After the unprecedented hurricane season of 2004, many insurance companies went out of business, leaving their policyholders scrambling to find new coverage.

At the same time, many national carriers reduced their footprint in Florida, finding the risk in our state to be too great. Other companies just stopped writing new business, waiting for the dust to settle in the aftermath of the hurricanes. To most people, this wouldn’t appear to have been the ideal time to create an insurance company, but Bob saw things differently.

"The name American Integrity Insurance was chosen because the business was founded during a time when the industry was overwhelmed with integrity issues." - Robert "Bob" Ritchie