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    A1 Moving and Recycling specializes in offering the lowest price tag for moving. We offer the most affordable rates in the industry. A1 moving and recycling is a full service moving company that completes move ins and move outs. We can schedule long distance move ins and move outs as well. We also move pianos, pool tables, furniture, appliances, gym equipment, and much more. Further we also do cleanouts for residential and business customers. We offer our services to residential and business and business customers.


    Established in 2013.

    In the summer of 2013 we started out posting occasional advertisments on Craigslist.org, and we were moving customers locally with a borrowed trailer and a 1996 Chevy Cheyenee truck that I purchased after saving for it an entire summer. I bought it from my old boss, Jeff Greeves, owner of New Roof. Since that time we've advanced our advertising with our website, facebook & craigslist. We partnered with UHaul last summer, and we also picked up quite a few customers that call us back for jobs and gigs. In 2016 we purchased a 14 foot box truck, so now we are literally a full service moving crew with a moving truck. We plan to advance further and buy more moving trucks in the future. We have moved 100s of happy customers throughout our history.

    A1 Moving started in the summer of 2014! We started out with a pickup, scheduling our moving jobs around a 9-5 schedule! We were borrowing an open trailer for some of our moves! Our motto then was to bring affordable moving to your front door; as is our motto today! We offer local and long-distance moving services. We plan to eventually open up storage, make our moving teams autonomous, We will work on improving our services for you the customer!

    We've advanced since that time! Now we have two functional box trucks--one a 14-footer, the other a 24-footer (with liftgate). More to come....... Call us today to schedule your move!

    Pay attention to when moving !

    Protect Your Move
    Don't let scammers burst your bubble! The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration offers free resources and tools to help prepare for your move and to protect yourself from moving fraud.

    Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

    Before moving your household goods interstate, movers are required to give you the Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move booklet and FMCSA's Ready to Move brochure to help you understand the documents that a mover will ask you to sign, and explains your rights if your household goods are lost or damaged.

    Interstate movers must be registered with the Federal government and have a U.S. DOT number.

    Use our search tool to confirm your mover is registered.

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